January 2017 Japanese super producer Takeshi Kobayashi and Danish electronic musician Lydmor met up to celebrate the 150 year anniversary for diplomatic connection between Denmark and Japan.

Two countries, geographically, very far from each other but whom share many commonalities in terms of culture, gastronomy, trade, design and work ethic.

Takeshi Kobayashi and Lydmor are both musicians, producers and composers and allowed themselves to collaborate in a musical symbiosis where the universal language of music were explored.

It was a meeting between two different generations, cultures, continents and musical worlds. Which resulted in a mutual creative inspiration where Japanese and Danish pop music melted together.
The result being a song where Lydmor and the daughter of Takeshi Kobayashi, Anna Kosaino together sings in Danish, Japanese and English and hereby bring Denmark and Japan closer together in a cocktail of international pop music.

Lydmor aka Jenny Rossander is maybe one of the most exciting young musician on the nu-pop circuit. She has proven at her explosive solo-tours around the world that she is a brillia nt live performer. She has played in New York, Mexico City, Milan, London, Hamburg, Tokyo and Shanghai.

Since 1980s, Kobayashi established the fame and the name through producing and directing the recordings of many artists who represent Japanese music scene of all time, Southern Allstars, Mr. Children, My Little Lover, REMIOROMEN, Salyu, etc.
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Coordinated by: Onta Shiroh Kawaguchi/CREATIVEMAN, MXD
Special thanks to: OORONG-SHA